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Organic Castor Oil
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I am currently using this mostly as for my eyelashes since I feel its important to condition your lashes, eyebrows just as much as your hair. My eyelashes look great, and are longer. In 1 week I noticed a huge difference!...

Organic Tamanu Oil
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This is a keeper!!!! For the price and size of the bottle this is really the best you can get out there! As a picky person, I have to say the quality is excellent! To this day I'm using it in my oil blends and my skin looks heathy and glowing...

Organic Argan Oil
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This product is amazing !!! ARGAN OIL. makes me feel my hair fantastic, healthy, soft and it gets shine. I also used for my skin. Of course I recommend this product to everybody it is a great purched, the price is lower then others.

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6 Simple Hair Care Secrets For Getting The Hair You Want!


1. Don't comb your hair until it is dry - Wet hair is very fragile and prone to breakage. It is best to wait to brush your hair until it is almost dry, or at least be careful when combing when wet.

2. Rinse your hair with cold water - Use water with room temperature when washing your hair, and rinse the conditioner out with cold water. Hot water will remove all moisturizer agents from your hair and scalp, and make your hair dryer.

3. Don't wash your hair every day - To keep the natural hydration of your hair try not to wash it every day. Your hair will be leached of its natural oils if you wash it too frequently, which will dry out your hair.

4. Be careful with hair dryers - Turn down the heat when you dry your hair with a hair dryer. To hot air can damage your hair strands, produce more split ends and influence your overall hair health.

5. Cut your hair regularly - Get a hair cut on a consistent basis, every six to eight weeks. It will get rid of the split ends and give your hair a healthier look. P.S. A slight trim of your hair will be enough.

6. Natural oils are the solution - Natural oils will give your hair the nutrition it needs. Keep your hair healthy and hydrated by adding the right oil for your hair.

How to get the hair you always wanted

Do you have any hair problems? Are you suffering from dry hair, split ends, breakage, damaged hair, hair loss or greasy hair? Do you wish you could do something about it?

Your hair is a big part of you, so this is an important issue. Your hair problems might even make you feel uncomfortable in social settings. Millions of Americans have some hair issue that impacts their everyday life.

Your hair is influenced daily by your environment. Every day your hair are exposed to pollution, different temperatures, and dry or humid air. Your hair may also be affected by stress, an unbalanced diet, smoking and other inner and outer influences. Not talking about the impact blow-drying, straightening and curling have on your hair.

Over time your hair is affected by age and a range of different sources every day. And like the rest of your body your hair also need the right nutrients and treatment to stay young.

What is the solution? There exists a number of failed products on the market. Cheap shampoos, sprays, products with parabens, silicon-based products, and other. The hair care market are confusing at least, and for millions of people, these products don't work.

Hair oilThat's why a team of developers has been working to develop the best hair care products for a healthy and hydrated hair. Different products that work fast and deliver what they promise. Not to mention is easy to use. After a substantial investment of time, money and countless hours of frustration, they finally came up with a solution that delivers stunning results over time.

The solution is so simple but yet so effective. Instead of trying to transform or mask your hair in an unnatural way, why not create an all natural and pure compound that give your hair the nutrients it needs to blossom? A simple solution that works.

The Cammile Q's natural oils were designed to be an all natural complete solution not dependent on hair type. Everything has been done to produce the best possible products that give your hair the minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids it needs for vitality and shine.

  • Repair damaged hair
  • Repair split ends
  • Restore the hair's natural vitality
  • Nourish and moisturize your hair from inside
  • Strengthen your hair
  • Tame frizz
  • Make your hair easier to style
  • Bring life back into your hair

There are a lot of cheap hair care products on the market, but very few premium hair care brands. So it's understandable that many were skeptical when Cammile Q launched their high-end hair care line. They didn't believe that people would buy a first class hair care product.

Cammile Q proved them wrong. The products have become sought by a lot of high-end beauty salons, and quality conscious people.

Cammile Q's natural oils consist of hair oils like argan oil, castor oil, and tamanu oil. Add one to your hair care routine weekly. The oils give your hair its vitality and shine back. Use Cammile Q's oils to treat your hair, then long-term to maintain its vitality.

If you care about your hair, then try a natural oil from Cammile Q today, and feel the benefit in person. They are available now. Just click here.

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