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Organic Castor Oil

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This castor oil will moisturize, add shine to and nourish your hair. Use it for hair growth, your eyelashes and eyebrows or even for your skin.

The Cammile Q castor oil is organic, cold pressed and hexane free. It is all natural and contains a lot of nutrients and fatty acids your hair and scalp crave.

Are you tired of thin and dry hair, or just want to moisturize your hair and add shine to it?

You are not alone. A lot of people are frustrated about their hair and how it looks. They have tried other products and solutions without finding something that leaves a lasting result.

  • You may have tried different moisturizers with man-made chemicals and unnatural ingredients.
  • Or maybe you have tried some bogus product to grow your hair.

Unfortunately, unnatural products can seem to help for a while, but often don't deliver the desired results over time.

But there exist natural oils, with nutrients that give your hair and scalp what you need. Oils that add to your hair and skin instead of degrading it.

Organic Castor oil is one of these oils, and might be what you need. It's natural, and it contains nutrients that will strengthen your hair and nourish your scalp.

Organic Castor Oil For Growth Of Hair, Eyelashes And Eyebrows

A lot of people use it for hair growth with great results. They use it to lengthen eyelashes and thicken their eyebrows. Many even report fast results.

Here is just some of what castor oil can do for you:

  • Strengthen your hair roots
  • Repair your split ends
  • Nourishing the scalp
  • Bring life back into your hair

Start imagine yourself with thicker and healthier hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Our customers tell us that they use it for:

  • Hair growth
  • Longer eyelashes
  • Thicker eyebrows
  • Strengthening of the hair
  • Moisturizing their hair and scalp
  • And a lot more

Stop using chemically produced products that don’t give you what they promise, and switch to a natural solution that more and more people are starting to love because of the fabulous results.

Start strengthening your hair today with an oil that moisturizes your hair, and makes it shine.

There is no need to have a thin, dry hair with split ends when you easily can moisturize and nourish your hair and scalp to get a healthy, strong hair with great shine.

Order now and start enjoying your new hair.

When you buy today, you are protected by a 30-day money back guarantee. 


  • 100% Pure and Organic Castor Oil

Additional information:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Cold pressed
  • Hexane Free
  • Comes in a dark glass bottle

Size: 1 oz / 4 oz


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An Introduction To Castor Oil

Image of castor seedsThe extracted vegetable oil from castor bean seeds in its refined from is known as castor oil. The oil has no visible color, no taste and no odor either. Castor beans are cultivated in many parts of the world and the extracted oil is obtained by removing the hull and pressing the seeds.

The castor beans grows on the Ricinus Communis plant.

Historical Uses Of The Oil

The implementation of castor oil and its benefits has been a tradition that has been practiced since the ancient times. The Ancient Egyptian civilization used the oil to light lamps and many findings suggest that it was also used as ointment for skin treatment. It has been said that queen Cleopatra of Egypt used it for brightening the white portions of her eyes. Even in the modern times, celebrities have made the benefits of the oil quite popular.

The Castor Oil Plant

Ricinus Communis - The castor oil plantThe castor oil plant, formally known as Ricinus Communis, is known for producing the castor bean seed, used for extracting the castor oil. The plant is indigenous to Eastern Africa, India and the Mediterranean Basin, although it has quickly spread all over the world, given the numerous uses of the oil which is very popular in the cosmetic industry and also very rich in triglycerides. The plant is widely grown not only for oil extraction, but also because it has been popular as a durable decorative plant that requires minimal maintenance.

The castor oil plant does vary greatly in appearance depending on its growth habitat - the plant stands out through its adaptability and versatility, it is fast growing and it can easily reach the size of a tree, up to 39 feet tall. The plant has glossy leaves that start off as bronze or even as reddish purple in color (the exact color depends, once again, on the growth habitat), and then gradually change its color to dark green as it mature. The seed is a spiny and green capsule that contains highly poisonous seeds - this is why it is vital that the castor beans are handled properly.

In spite of the numerous health benefits of the castor seed oil, the raw castor beans themselves are extremely toxic - their toxicity is given by the presence of ricin, which can be lethal. In 2007, the Guiness Book of World Records has named the plant "The World's Most Poisonous Plant".

Castor oil seeds - Green capsule and dry seedIf ingested, the raw seeds can cause diarrhea, hypotension, nausea and even seizures. If the raw seeds are processed carefully, all the poison can be extracted through a complex process that resembles that of extracting the cyanide from almond seeds. Once the toxin is fully removed, the raw seeds are used for extracting the castor oil.

As mentioned above, this plant is commonly used as a decorative plant in public areas, and the climate influences not only the color of the plant but also its development and height. In areas that are prone to frost, the plant tends to be shorter. Nonetheless, this volatile plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors and its leaves are evergreen. In North America, the plant is usually used for decorating parks and it can be found in all the major cities, from Toronto to Los Angeles.

Castor Oil Uses

Hair Nourishment

Castor oil has an acute moisturizing ability that helps in recovering from hair conditions such as split ends and dry scalps. The oil helps moisture the hair which gives your hair a think and shiny appeal and helps strengthen the locks of hair. A castor seed oil head massage can improve blood circulation in the scalp tissues which can promote hair growth. The oil is also effective against scalp infections as it has germicidal properties which has been reported to help eradicate lice, dandruff and others.

Skin Treatment

Castor seed oil has a low molecular weight which makes the skin absorb it quickly and it stimulates collagen production in the tissue. This collagen stimulation is reported to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne, pimples, stretch marks, fine lines, sunburns, eye bags and many other skin problems. Many people swear by using castor seed oil for their skin.

The castor oil is more well known for its capabilities for skin care than oils like tamanu oil. It has been used for a long time as a solutions for various skin problems, even though it is more known for its capabilities for hair care.

Industrial Uses

Castor oil is widely used in the industrial sector for manufacturing paints, varnishes, lubricants, dyes as well as sealants. Many consumer products such as bathing soaps and beauty cosmetics contains the oil and it is also used a flavoring agent in the food processing industry.

Castor oil has been an important addition to the field medicine as well as beautification for thousands of years and yet we need research to find out its “hidden” benefits. Each of the special properties of the oil whether it is germicidal properties or moisture retention, have been valued by civilizations all over the world. Castor seed oil is an active ingredient in our daily lifestyle.

Inducing Labor

The use of castor oil in inducing labor dates back thousands of years and has been used for childbirth in many parts of the world. Many women report that the oil makes labor less painful and faster, although what causes this effect is still a matter of research. However, you must consult your doctor to know more about how the oil can help you in childbirth, and it is medically advised for pregnant and lactating women to avoid oral consumption of the oil. Our castor oil is produced as a topical oil and you should not ingest it. Any ingestion is at your own risk.