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Organic Castor Oil
Verified Purchase

I am currently using this mostly as for my eyelashes since I feel its important to condition your lashes, eyebrows just as much as your hair. My eyelashes look great, and are longer. In 1 week I noticed a huge difference!...

Organic Tamanu Oil
Verified Purchase

This is a keeper!!!! For the price and size of the bottle this is really the best you can get out there! As a picky person, I have to say the quality is excellent! To this day I'm using it in my oil blends and my skin looks heathy and glowing...

Organic Argan Oil
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This product is amazing !!! ARGAN OIL. makes me feel my hair fantastic, healthy, soft and it gets shine. I also used for my skin. Of course I recommend this product to everybody it is a great purched, the price is lower then others.

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About Us

It all started with a serious case of split ends and tragically dry, damaged hair. Always ones to search for solutions to our own problems, we began looking around for hair treatments that would effectively seal those split ends and bring the healthy bounce and shine back to our locks. We had a simple idea: find a natural ingredient that could heal the damage.

We came across natural oil that worked amazingly well on split ends, and many other oils proved useful when treating various other types of hair damage. Some even worked their magic on the skin, so we added them to our collection as well. After spending a considerable amount of time researching and testing these oils, we created our first oil treatment for damaged hair.

Cammile Q was officially born, and we were impressed with that initial product. While it was a simple formula, it performed amazingly well for three of our primary objectives:

  • Repair damaged hair
  • Repair split ends
  • Restore the hair's natural vitality

As if that weren't enough, we discovered that this oil therapy also nourished and moisturized the skin. Is there anything better than a single natural oil that effectively treats damaged hair and skin? We continued our research and created a line of oil-based treatments that heal various skin and hair problems. These oils deliver the nutrients that human hair and skin cells crave. Once we realized that there was a whole in the market for high-quality products capable of delivering exceptional results, Cammile Q was on its way to the production line.

The Oil that Started It All

Through all of our research, there was one oil that effectively corrected every form of hair damage, including sealing up those split ends. It was argan oil. While we knew that there were natural ingredients that could heal the extensive damage sustained by years of blow drying and straightening, we weren't expecting to find a single ingredient that could do all the work.

Once we realized the full benefits of this oil, we knew that we had stumbled onto something big. We knew that our argan oil products would help people around the world enjoy the vibrant, healthy hair that they've always desired. We imagined women walking down the street, heads held high, shiny hair bouncing around their shoulders. It didn't take long to realize that men could benefit from these products as well, and Cammile Q quickly entered the hair care market as a universal tool for correcting damaged hair of any type.

Research, Testing & The Demand for Excellence

Encouraged by our initial discovery, we set out to find the best ingredients for human skin and body care. Not only did we research and experiment with other oils, but we tested a variety of other natural ingredients as well. If there was a chance that it could improve the skin or hair in any significant way, we put it to the test.

Years of thorough research and testing allowed us to create a series of skin and hair care products for the quality-conscious individual. These products offer wholesome ingredients that help improve a variety of skin and hair problems experienced by millions of people. Today, we continue to research and test new ingredients that may lead to future Cammile Q products.

Searching for the Perfect Source

Many beauty product manufacturers determine which ingredients they want to use in their products and then go with the cheapest source they can find. Their goal is to produce their product with as little financial investment possible, allowing them to enjoy a more substantial profit.

At Cammile Q, we take a different approach. We decide which natural ingredients are best for our products, and then we find the highest quality source for those ingredients. When we're presented with a potential source, we consider whether we would use an ingredient from that source on our own bodies. If not, we keep searching until we find a source that meets our high expectations.

We don't rest until we find the highest-quality source available for each of our oils and other ingredients. This is why you only need to use a small amount of our products to see spectacular results. Our ingredients are so nourishing and hydrating that they outperform many competing products even in small doses.

Our exhaustive search for quality ingredients is what attracts results-oriented shoppers to Cammile Q products. They don't pick up supermarket specials because they're in pretty bottles or smell like flowers. They do their research first and find products that will make a substantial difference to the health and appearance of their hair and skin. They buy our products because they appreciate the quality and don't have time for products that fail to produce results as promised.

The Cammile Q Answer to Damaged Hair

We include two flagship ingredients in our hair care products:

  • Organic argan oil
  • Organic castor oil

Why do we love castor oil?

The ancient Egyptians are believed to have been the first humans to discover the powerful benefits of castor oil. You can now find this oil in many products promoting hair growth, including growth for the eyelashes and eyebrows. While there isn't much scientific research backing the use of castor oil for hair growth, the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming. For instance, here are the testimonials delivered by some of our users:

"I have to say that it has made my eyelashes grow within a matter of a month."

"I've been using this organic castor oil for a month, and I have seen a significant difference in both my eyelashes and eyebrows."

We only use 100% pure, organic sources for these natural ingredients, so you can put your complete trust in all of our hair care products.

Why do we love argan oil?

Moroccans have used argan oil to treat hair and skin problems for centuries, and we only use organic oils sourced directly from Morocco. The oil is squeezed from kernels of the argan tree and contains a blend of mostly unsaturated fatty acids, including oleic, linoleic and palmitic fatty acids. This natural oil also contains phenols, carotenes and squalene as well as an abundance of vitamin E. Research into the argan tree has proven three main benefits for the hair and skin:

  • Increased water content in the epidermis
  • Increased elasticity of the skin
  • Decrease in transepidermal water loss

What does this mean for you? It means that Cammile Q products containing argan oil can hydrate your skin and hair while improving elasticity for anti-aging effects. There's also an overwhelming supply of anecdotal support for this oil, including these endorsements from some of your loyal fans:

"Makes me hair so soft and easy to untangle."

"My hairdresser said to get it and use it, so I did - reluctantly. It does exactly as advertised - soothes and oils/moisturizes the scalp without smelling or making a mess."

The Cammile Q Recipe for Beautiful Skin

Our skin care products are also produced with natural oils proven to hydrate and nourish, but our favorite is tamanu oil. It has been used throughout history for a variety of skin problems, including dry skin, acne, psoriasis, sunburn, insect bites and wounds. Documentation dating back to the early 1900s shows support for the "cicatrizing" property associated with the oil. These benefits come from the presence of five components:

  • Glycolipids
  • Neutral lipids
  • Phospholipids
  • Calophyllic
  • Calophylloide

Researchers have yet to fully comprehend the true potential of tamanu oil because it has a complex chemistry portfolio that's difficult to decipher. What they have determined is that it has superb anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-neuralgic and antioxidant properties. There's also significant anecdotal evidence that it works, including these comments from some of our loyal customers:

"I love this stuff. It's moisturizing even for my dry skin. I also have sensitive skin. I had a rash and I put this on and it soothed it and my skin was back to normal. I am very happy with this product."

"I was pleasantly surprised at how well and how fast this oil worked on healing marks on skin. I had a very itchy and unsightly bug bite that was not going away and within a day of using this oil, it started to heal and by day 3, it was almost unnoticeable. Used it as a face cleansing oil and it left my skin soft and complexion clear. Easy to rub in and not overly greasy. I think I need a bigger bottle next time : )"

Why Should You Buy Cammile Q Products?

We don't make and sell hair and skin care products because we want to earn a profit. We're in this line of business because we are passionate about quality oils that transform the health and appearance of our skin and hair. We use these products personally and have seen dramatic transformations in our skin and hair, and we want to share the excitement with other men and women. There aren't many beauty brands currently putting results above the bottom line, but that's the rule at Cammile Q.

We invest a significant amount of time researching and developing our products, and we willingly spend more than many manufacturers on our ingredients. Since we only use the best ingredients from the highest-quality sources, we believe the quality of our products is more than worth the expense. Considering the high volume of repeat orders from our loyal users, we know that our customers also appreciate our dedication to quality.

There are few things more enjoyable than hearing stories of how new customers were blown away by the results achieved with our products. Many buy their first product or two with some level of skepticism. They've purchased so many other products with similar claims, and all of those products let them down. When Cammile Q products deliver the results they thought were impossible to achieve, we know the years we spent researching, studying and developing these products were well spent.

Will Cammile Q Defy Your Expectations as Well?

It's impossible to predict the outcome when any individual decides to use our products. There are many variables which determine the results experienced by a single person, and that's what makes listening to the stories reported by our users so much fun. We stand by our products fully and trust that you will stand with us as well once you try your first bottle.

What happens if our products fail to deliver the results you expect? You simply return the product for a refund. We assume all risk so that you can have the pleasure of nourishing and hydrating with our pure oils.

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